proprietary investments & trading

BPMT is a family office incorporated in 2012, dedicated to delivering superior returns through investments across an array of asset classes and industries. With its primary offices located in London and the Dubai International Financial Centre, it has a focus on financial capital market strategies as well as project financing opportunities.
The core investment philosophy of BPMT is built on prudent diversification, identifying low risk uncorrelated investments with little or no market directional bias or backed by secured collateral. We employ a disciplined approach to investment that equips the firm to leverage deep industry expertise and insights as well as due diligence protocols that are compliant with internationally recognized standards.


Capital is deployed when strict risk criteria is satisfied. We have investments across multiple strategies within equity markets, fixed income and hard assets. Through our broad base of tier-one counterparties and banking relationships we have built over the years, we can access unique proprietary trading strategies.
  • Equity Strategies – These strategies are focused on arbitrage and structured finance within equity and derivatives markets. These trades are short to medium term and are predominately within European and US markets.
  • Fixed Income Strategies – BPMT deploys capital to various fixed income structures and hybrid securities, including secured asset-backed financing, structured products and convertible debt instruments.
  • Hard Assets – BPMT owns an international portfolio of hard assets.


We deliver project financing solutions on a global scale, deploying capital across a wide range of project specific opportunities. After identifying the most appropriate capital structure and capital source, we have the expertise to structure the correct deal for each individual funding requirement. Funding can be provided in equity, debt or hybrid form alongside our network of funding partners and family offices.
Sectors of expertise include oil & gas logistics and supply chain management, commodities infrastructure, Solar EPC and initial public offerings.


Across all BPMT’s investments and portfolios, we seek to reduce exposure to the highest carbon emitters and prioritize companies in transition and seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. We target companies with a focus on sustainability, such as clean energy, or investments directly tied to projects that advance environmental purposes.


The investment team at BPMT has over 60 years’ experience within financial markets and have managed assets across both private and public equity, fixed income and derivatives. They are specialists within the structured equity finance and arbitrage field. This expertise allows BPMT to unveil, structure and implement complex arbitrage through an efficient and adaptable process, from inception to settlement.
The core proprietary asset managers are supported by a wider team of structurers, analysts and traders. At BPMT we operate under strict regulatory conditions with a key focus on risk management and compliance.



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